Crocodiles eating hippo SerengetiHippo pool

Name: Crocodiles eating hippo SerengetiHippo pool
Date: 05/26/2016
Size: 0.01766M(18.08691K)
Dimension: 480 x 360(Width:480 Height:360)
Pixels: 172800
Timestamp: 1464271972
Md5: b97c80690b8962e77b4d6a742b13d608

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Extreme fishing: "Tiger" hunting in hippo and croc country
But if you are after tigerfish, you sometimes need to stray onto a hippo-beaten path ... while standing out of range of crocodiles or hippos. Then, noticing some broken branches, McLean said: "The elephants have been eating around here."
Serengeti hippo pool, Tanzania
One of the region's most notable watering holes is the hippo pool. Fed by the Seronera River ... they’re quickly dashed by the number of rather large crocodiles sunning themselves on the warm rocks. The reptiles’ natural skin blended in so well ...