Pommes Gaufrettes

Name: Pommes Gaufrettes
Date: 07/08/2016
Size: 0.02443M(25.01855K)
Dimension: 480 x 360(Width:480 Height:360)
Pixels: 172800
Timestamp: 1467960052
Md5: fa2e467e7fbd3014cd5d361a3749596a

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FOOD processors are marvelous for slicing and chopping large quantities of vegetables, but when it comes to more intricate work, such as making french fries, latticed potato slices (called pommes gaufrettes) or shoestring- thin julienned zucchini strips ...
La Petanque
WE'RE LATE FOR lunch at La Petanque, thanks to a freeway clogged like a post ... is nicely presented on one of their bold dark-glazed plates surrounded by pommes gaufrettes - lattice crisps don't sound quite as posh - and topped by a quail yolk and a ...